Composite Customers


Fraternal Composite Service, America's leading producer of Photographic Composites for sororities and fraternities, invites you to see how they are created and discover how you can plan the perfect photographic keepsake for your group.

The Traditional Composite is a photographic record of an organization's membership. FCS creates them with as few as 2 individuals and as many as 500.

Your Design Options are almost unlimited! Whether your organization is a College Greek chapter, Corporate or Civic Group, an FCS Composite reflects the spirit and style of your organization and its members.

Fraternal Composite Service has been providing keepsake Composites to the Greek Community for over half a century.

Our intimate knowledge of these organizations shows in every detail. Service Clubs, Athletic Teams, Class Officers. Choose your college colors, add your helmet on your football team Composite, even include your mascot with the cheerleading squad. Just talk to your FCS Representative for a wealth of ideas!

FCS brings its half century of expertise to the photography of any group. Our photographers and artisans will create a Composite that captures your organization's unique style and personality. We can faithfully reproduce or handpaint your logo or seal, or we can create a custom graphic for you!